• Support in the conquest of new overseas markets through logistics and customs support;
  • Specialized consultancy in the American market through our INTER US unit for the whole process of companies’ globalization, from information about legal requirements for access in the USA, international and domestic distribution logistics, Customs Broker and even INTER US;
  • Customs Advisory including all steps of Export Shipping, with the goal of attaining Customs Clearing swiftly and safely.
  • Guidance during emission of mandatory fiscal documentation (Nota Fiscal), as well as analysis of the whole procedure aiming for safe and fast shipping;
  • Production of all customs and international documentation demanded during the process, such as RE – Export Registry, DE – Export Declaration, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Origin Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate and other documents required by the destination country;
  • Updated Follow up of all shipments and customized according to each need;
  • Coordination of shipments with the freight agent, including instructions to draw the bill of lading (B/L, AWB, CRT drafts);
  • Special Projects Consultancy in Sports, such as transfers of factories and executional units from Brazil to the overseas;
  • Export of used machines and equipment;
  • Drawback – Tax incentive to Exports;
  • Consigned export, temporary export for repair or processing.

Allows the exit of national or nationalized goods, off the country, with exemption of the export tax (when applicable), conditioned to its return to Brazil(reimport) in a given deadline.

The main benefit of the regime is the return of goods or merchandise without paying the tributes normally occurring in the import operation.

May be utilized for remittance of equipment for repair overseas, international fairs and expositions, sports events, technical demonstrations, etc.


There is still the regime of Temporary Export for Passive Improvement that allows exit, for a determined period, of a national good or merchandise, to be submitted to a transformations, improvement, processing or assembly operation, overseas, as well as subsequent reimportation, as a resulting product, with payment of taxes over the added value.


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